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RPMS Letting in association with Tenant Shop

RPMS Letting have teamed up with Tenant Shop to streamline your registration process with the local council, water supplier and energy provider.

Tenant Shop will notify all the necessary organisations that you have arrived and provide your contact information, moving in date and meter readings where applicable.

Will you be connecting to the internet in your new property?

Prior to moving into your new property, Tenant Shop will contact you to determine if you have any requirements for phone, broadband or TV services.

Tenant Shop work with all market providers and will ensure you are given the best possible advice on the best packages available to you.

If your property requires any additional engineering work due to a new installation, you must first obtain permission from the landlord or RPMS Letting before any order is placed.

We will help you find the best prices for your energy

Once you are in and settled, Tenant Shop will contact you to determine whether you would like to take advantage of a free market comparison for your home energy.

Tenant Shop will also assist with any current and/or future billing issues if they arise.

All services you receive from Tenant Shop are completely free of charge.

Data Protection

Tenant Shop Limited acts on our behalf to notify the local council, water supplier(s) and energy provider(s) in line with your tenancy start date and secondly to supply notifications to the local council, water supplier(s) and energy providers(s) from the date that you vacate the property. Tenant Shop limited will only use your information for the purpose of council and utility registration, closing of council and utility accounts and Energy/Media comparisons upon your arrival. Call Centre comparisons are completely optional for you (the tenant) and you can opt out at any time. Tenant Shop Limited is fully compliant with the data protection act 1998 and a registered member of the Information Commissioners Office with registration number Z305733X.


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